How do I feel good every day?

Learn Practical and Actionable Techniques to Help You Lead a Confident, Empowered and Balanced Life.

Are you ready to lead the life you were born to live? The one where you wake up each morning, smile and think “Today is going to be a good day.” 

Because this can be you. 

You no longer need to secretly wonder What is wrong with me, or look at social media and think, Why is everyone else so happy.

There was never a class at school that was, "Here are some coping strategies for daily emotions, stress or mental health" and well, maybe there should be.

The good news is - it is never too late to learn! So join me in this easy to follow online course Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being.

"I liked how straight talking and logical everything was. In this day and age where there are so many options and techniques it was just great to hear from someone, particularly with a background in Counselling saying, "This is what I've seen time and time again and this is what works."

John, UK.

- 72 minutes of video footage
- Including 6 single topic videos
- Bonus videos
- Bonus worksheets from my book

This course addresses the most common hurdles we trip over in life. Don’t worry, we all trip at some point. It’s just a matter of learning the skills to combat these thoughts and feelings that are holding us back. 

I put together this package because as a counsellor I realised we simply never learnt the skills needed to manoeuvre through and tackle life’s challenges in a positive and healthy way. So here are my top six topics, broken down into bite size videos with explanations and most importantly practical, actionable steps, tips, tools, techniques and processes for you to learn easily today.  

These are tried and tested techniques from over fifteen years of counselling, publishing books and articles, running workshops and Professional Development.

In this course you will learn techniques to de-clutter and quiet your busy mind to genuinely feel calm and present, and how to let go of old stories, pains and memories that are holding you back.

You will understand how the brain works and holds on to negative thoughts, and how to re-train the brain in to positive and empowering self-talk.

You will learn how to strip away societal, cultural and familial pressures, find your voice and make decisions that are right for you, re-define success and failures in your life to feel more positive with forward momentum.

And you will look at perfectionism, making sure it is not getting in your way, as well as learn the 3-step process to combat anxiety.

“Using these powerful and practical tools connected me directly to my intuition, bringing clarity and insight, and finally a decision to something I have been struggling with for a few months. I'm elated and stunned that it could be this easy.” 

Aafke, South Africa.

Welcome to a newly empowered and best version of you!

I am so thrilled to have you here because I love what I do. I love educating, sharing, helping and supporting people like you through life’s big (and little) challenges. I believe we all need a bit of guidance at some point (I know I do) and what better way than to learn a whole range of skills that you can then have for life!

Since 2019, life as we knew it, changed.

Mental health immediately went on the decline and never stopped. No matter your belief system, everybody felt the impact of Covid - changes in rules, in behaviours, in work, study and socialising. We have never spent so much time alone, worked or studied where we lived, needed and lost access to our beloved self-care practices.

We are coming through the other end and now is the time to upskill your personal life, your mental health, your emotional and social health.

My aim is to share with you life tools, coping techniques and strategies in a simple, grounded, practical and actionable way. I want you to finish each lesson and genuinely feel you have the skills to then do this for yourself. I want you to be able to smile and think “I’ve got this,” or “Wow, now I get it.”

Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being Course