Introduction: Communication in Relationships


You spend our whole life communicating.

You communicate with your parents, siblings, partners, children, friends, colleagues and strangers.

But did you learn how to communicate effectively? To be heard, feel heard and have the other person walk away feeling the same way. Do you know how to say the simple things and equally the big scary things without that panicked feeling? Do you know how to get what you need and have the other equally get what they need? To compromise and to stay calm even in tricky situations? Not lose your cool but manoeuvre arguments with-OUT the escalation of voice or feelings? Here you will learn simple techniques, tips and tools to get through any situation.

 Equally if not more important, you will learn how to communicate with yourself. Yes we talk to ourselves all day long. Learn how to talk (out loud or in your head) to yourself in a soothing, comforting and empowering way to increase confidence, self esteem and general emotional well-being.

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