Learn How to Get Along.

Practical and actionable techniques to help you understand your inner-dialogue as well as resolve conflict. Learn to communicate with others in a confident and calm way.

You spend your whole life communicating. At first with parents or carers, then siblings and friends, teachers, lovers, colleagues and partners. You communicate in the home, at work, in private conversations, in meetings, in public forums and out socialising. You are ALWAYS communicating.

And when you are alone you are STILL communicating. The most important communication of them all - with YOURSELF!

There was never a class at school that was "This is how to communicate" and well, maybe there should be.

The good news is - it is never too late to learn! 

“I really felt that I learnt a lot about my inner dialogue and definitely came away with tools to navigate through many of the blocks that I had been carrying around with me.”
Mel, U.K.

"I could see myself in so much of what Romi was saying - how many times I had used certain trigger or pressure words without realising. I wish I knew earlier but better late than never. Thanks Romi."

Luke, Canada

- 62 minutes of video footage
- Including 6 single topic videos
- Bonus worksheets from my book

This Communication in Relationships course addresses the most common hurdles we trip over in trying to communicate. When emotions are running high, it can be difficult to pause and see what's going on. Let me help you with the skills you need to communicate effectively with others and with yourself.

I put together this package because as a counsellor I realised we simply never learnt the skills needed to communicate effectively. So here are my top six topics, broken down into bite size videos with explanations and most importantly practical, actionable steps, tips, tools, techniques and processes for you to learn easily today. 

These are tried and tested techniques from over fifteen years of counselling, publishing books and articles, running workshops and Professional Development.


In this course you will learn simple techniques and strategies to understand the seemingly sudden escalation in emotions in order to avoid conflict, to better understand your mind-body connection, recognise trigger and pressure words and communicate in a healthy effective way with yourself and with those that you love.

You can also upgrade your purchase by adding the Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being Course in the amazing 'Live Life to the Fullest' Package below.

"What is most precious in what I learnt is to understand my emotions, why and how they rise and what I can do. Learning to stay calm? Not land in arguments?
This is a game changer!"

Marsha, US.

Learn with me some life-changing communication skills.

I am so thrilled to have you here because I love educating, sharing, helping and supporting people like you through life’s big (and little) challenges.

And one of life's big challenges is communication!!!

Pre-Covid I ran 'Communication in Relationships' workshops to a full room - each week!

It is such an important topic.

I have over fifteen years experience counselling adults, teenagers and in couple counselling, plus eight years in running communication workshops.

My aim is to share with you the skills you need to communicate effectively, understand your emotions, deal with conflict, de-escalate (or even avoid!) arguments and feel overall confident, calm and empowered to communicate with anyone including, and especially, yourself.

Communication in Relationships Course